Configuring the OS


The distribution comes with pre-configured users "cost" (pw: "ic0701") and "root" (pw: "linux").

Network settings

Networking is configured automatically with DHCP.
If you are using VMware, please make sure that the VM network connection is configured as NAT (it is set to bridged by default). Check
VM>Settings>Network Adapter>Network Connection.

Installed Linux Tools

The distribution is based on openSUSE. To keep size small, just the bare essentials are included:

  • web browsing: firefox
  • remote access/file transfer: ssh and scp
  • text editing: jedit, vim
  • pdf viewing: epdfview
  • Keyboard layout: setxkbmap LAYOUT where LAYOUT is "de", "fr", "us", "dvorak", etc.
  • Screen resolution: lxrandr
  • Additional software: zypper in PACKAGENAME installs packages from the OpenSuSE repository on the internet